Night Shift - Operations Supervisor

Job Title

Operations Supervisor

Job Description


To effectively manage Operations Departments during the night shift to achieve the desired results.  The Operations Supervisor oversees the various departments during the night shift.



Strong leadership skills and excellent verbal and written communication skills are needed to perform this job effectively. Mathematics, logistics, and decision-making skills are also required.  Good time management skills and organization skills are a prerequisite. A bachelor’s degree in Management is preferred.



Must have demonstrated experience in managing employees in different areas of a company. Three or more years of supervisory experience in related field is required.





The use of the below equipment/software varies according to specific project needs.

                        Description of                        Frequency                  Degree of

                        Equipment/Software            of Use                         Importance

                        PC                                           Frequently                  Essential

                        Microsoft Word & Excel        Frequently                  Essential

                        Microsoft Power Point           Frequently                  Essential

                        E-Mail                                    Frequently                  Essential

                        ERP system                            Frequently                  Essential


The company provides training for the above programs.



                       Activity                                  Frequency                Degree of Importance

                        Sitting                                     Frequently                  Essential

                        Standing                                  Frequently                  Essential

                        Walking                                  Frequently                  Essential

                        Kneeling                                 Occasionally               Marginal

                        Crouching                               Occasionally               Marginal

                        Twisting Upper Body             Occasionally               Marginal

                        Lifting Up To 25 Lbs              Occasionally               Marginal


Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision and color recognition.



Occasionally the job involves working around irritating noise levels.  These levels are not damaging but can be uncomfortable.  The company makes earplugs available.  Occasionally the job involves working around machinery with exposed moving parts, which can be hazardous, if proper operating procedures are not followed.  Also, in a typical workday the job may involve working around fumes, dust, and chemical hazards.  If a project requires actual contact with any product, Safety Data Sheet information provides instruction about protective equipment that must be worn.



Ability to make decisions and set priorities to include recognizing important elements of the job, estimating time needed to perform tasks, and drawing conclusions about problems/situations based on provided facts as needed to identify problems and recommend actions for solutions, schedule work for self and others, work without direct supervision, and respond to emergency situations.

Ability to interact with supervisors, co-workers, and public to include being flexible with work schedules and requests; remaining calm and courteous when sharing information and when interacting with co-workers and direct reports; accepting constructive criticism; and being open to and sharing ideas as needed to conduct training, handle complaints and encroachment situations, explain policies and procedures, and maintain good relations within the company.

All employees will follow and uphold policies as set out and signed in HHG Employee Handbook

Basic Qualifications